Sands of Salzaar Guide: All Console Commands (2022)

Here are all the main console commands in Sands of Salzaar, as well as a quick guide on how to activate them.

Sands of Salzaar does have console commands for players to use for cheats and cheat codes or even to just make some adjustments for a more enjoyable time.

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This Sands of Salzaar guide will provide you with a list of all the main console commands. But beware that using these codes will disable achievements.

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All Console Commands in Sands of Salzaar

How to Activate Console Commands

In order to activate the console commands in Sands of Salzaar, you need to do the following:

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  1. Go to the game's main menu
  2. Select the "Settings" option
  3. Click on the "Hot Key" feature
  4. Set the "~(tilde)" key in the "Extra Features" tab
  5. Press "Confirm" to save the changes

Start the game. Once you press the "~"(tilde) key on your keyboard, a command console will pop up on the screen. Now you can enter consoles commands and cheats.

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Primary Console Commands and Cheats List

  • EVENT*[ID] — Jumps to a specific event
  • SUB_EVENT*[ID] — Jumps to a specific sub—event
  • SUB_EVENT_RETURN*[ID] — Returns to a specific sub—event
  • DELAY*[value] — Delays a certain event (set value in seconds)
  • SET_WEATHER*[ID] — Creates a specific weather condition
  • BATTLE*[ID] — Starts a specific battle
  • BATTLE_WITH*[ID] — Starts a battle with a specific unit
  • BATTLE_WITH_TAGROLE*[ID] — Starts a battle with a specific character
  • CHANGE_MONEY*[value] — Changes player's amount of money
  • ROLE_CHANGE_MONEY*[value] — Changes a specific hero's amount of money
  • GETITEMS*[ID] — Gives player specific items
  • AI_CAMP_GETITEMS*[ID] — Gives all factions specific items
  • REMOVE_ITEMS*[ID] — Removes items from player
  • TEAM_GAINEXP*[value] — Changes player's team's XP value
  • TEST_ADD_ROLE_EXP*[ID]#[value] — Changes specific character's XP value
  • CHANGE_ROLE_LV*[ID]#[value] — Changes specific character's level
  • PLAYER_GUARDS_LEVELUP*[ID] — All players in an ID location level up by 1
  • PLAYER_TEAM_LEVELUP* — All players in your squad level up
  • GET_QUEST*[ID] — Starts a specific quest
  • DONE_QUEST*[ID] — Completes a specific quest
  • JOIN_ROLE*[ID] — Forces a specific character to join your squad
  • QUIT_ROLE*[ID] — Forces a specific character to leave your squad
  • TELEPORT_TO_PLACE*[ID] — Teleports player to a specific location
  • TELEPORT_TO_ROLE*[ID] — Teleports player to a specific character
  • OCCUPY*0 — Player automatically occupies a current city
  • JOIN_WARBAND*[ID] — Player joins a specific warband
  • FAME*[value] — Changes player's global prestige value
  • CHANGE_FAME*[ID]#[value] — Changes specific character's global prestige value
  • DISMISS_TEAM*[ID] — Forces a specific squad to dismiss
  • RESET_STORE*[ID] — Resets a specific merchant's store
  • TROOPS_ALLOC*[ID] — Opens a specific garrison panel
  • LEARN_SKILL*[ID]#[value] — Gives players a specific value for a specific skill
  • RESET_SP*[ID] — Resets the skill points of a specific character
  • SHOW_TEAMINFO*1 — Displays info of the current squad
  • TRY_RECRUIT_FREE_ROLE*[ID] — Recruits a free neutral hero
  • EXPEL_ROLE*[factionID]#[ID] — Expels a specific character from a specific faction
  • TRY_REWARD_ROLE*[ID] — Rewards a specific follower
  • RM_ALL_GLOBAL_BUFF*[ID] — Removes all buffs of a specific squad
  • RM_ALL_GLOBAL_BUFF*[ID] — Removes all buffs of a specific faction
  • WEAPON_DURABILITY_DOWN*[value] — Decreases weapon durability
  • CLOSE_SYSTEM_UI* — Turns off system UI
  • RELEASE_ALL_ASSEMBLE_ARMY*[ID] — Dismisses all troops of a specific gathering
  • SET_REVIVE_POS*[x,y] — Sets new coordinates for respawn
  • SET_PLACE_NAME*[ID]#[name] — Changes the name of a specific location
  • EXPLORE_MAP*[ID] — Removes fog from a specific map
  • REMOVE_TIMER*1 — Removes timer of a specific event
  • AUTOSAVE*1 — Executes autosave
  • LEVEL_FINISH*1 — Completes current level
  • HIDE_CG* — Hides CG interface
  • GENERATE_RANDOM_CARD#1 — Generates a random card

You can find a complete developer console commands list herefor even more cheats and codes. Just beware that these are highly specific and technical. But now that you know how to use them and what they do, you can play exactly how you want!

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Published Jan. 3rd 2022

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