Lost Ark Best Rapport NPCs & Rewards (2022)

Lost Ark Best Rapport NPCs & Rewards | Rapport System Guide

3/16/2022 2:13:02 PM

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In this guide, we're going to be touching on a system that a lot of people have maybe ignored but it's crucial that you interact with every single day which is the rapport system in Lost Ark, and also tell you which are the best rapport NPCs and rewards you should focus on.

What is the Rapport System in Lost Ark?

If you're playing Lost Ark, you've probably wondered that question at least once in your time playing this game. The answer is both simple and complicated: rapport is a sort of individual reputation system in the game that plays out the concept of you forming relationships with singular NPCs around the game world, as your relationship grows stronger, so the rewards that you get from them. If you want to raise your rapport with a specific NPC, you need to open the rapportmenu in conversation with them, though some NPCs will reject you unless you have high enough virtue skills, some of which you raise by well-doing rapport with other NPCs. Past that while interacting with NPCs, you can either perform an emote for them, perform a song for them or give them a gift, you are limited to five emotes and five songs per day plus one in each of those categories. If you have the crystalline aura active when interacting with an NPC, they will straight up tell you what they like as well what songs that they would like, you to play what emotes they would like you to use, what gifts they would prefer that you give them, and some will even have enhanced rapportrewards for the usage of rarer emotes or songs if you have access to them as well. You can only increase your rapport with each of these 5 to 6 NPCs by a few hundred each day and the proper rewards require thousands of rapport points before you unlock them.

Lost Ark Best Rapport NPCs & Rewards (3)

So put simply, the rapport system is a very long-term slow burn system that gives you a very long-term reward, this will not take a massive amount of time out of each day that you're playing the game, but it will also require you to do it each day if you want to actually make proper use of the system. One emote, one song per NPC, five to six NPCs per day if you want more rapport than that you can start buying and using gifts as well, but outside of the chests for gifts provided by quest that you get for free these are generally not worth the investment compared to other things you could be doing with your time and resources.

Why Do You Want to Interact With the Rapport Systems?

Now that you know the truth about the simple tedium of actually completing this mechanic, let's talk about if you should care about this mechanic in the first place and why you might already want to be doing it.

First of all, rapport is a good source of some gold and silver which is kind of nice because anyone who's a T3 understands that gold is actually the second-best currency in the game it's actually silver. And it awards massive account-wide rewards such as omnium stars, giants hearts, masterpieces, stat points. It gives a ton of stuff that you need for your account that is going to give you skill points and a bunch of other things that is going to make your character super powerful. This means you want to make sure you're expanding your daily emotes and instruments or song plays on all the NPCs that matter because without giving them gifts this is a process that will actually take months for the most part to get some of these NPCs to trust it.

Lost Ark Best Rapport NPCs & Rewards

If you go into your rapport menu and you open up an NPC that you want to give gifts to. This will show you the rewards you get for leveling them. For example, Nia actually gives an omnium star, and you might have guessed that this is actually a pretty good NPC to get early on, but she has a bunch of preferred gifts, this will show you the amount of rapport you're going to get for the gifts and which ones you want to focus on, obviously, the rarity will affect which gifts are better, such as epics are giving between 300-330, legendary is around 2k and then Rolex tiers are 10k reputation for each. When you find out which NPC you want to focus on, this is going to allow you to choose the items that you want to pull out of these Rapport Selection Chests or that you want to hunt for.

Every single NPC gives different rewards but there are three particularly valuable rewards that can be exchanged easily for player power to make the rapport system notable, these are:

Top 1 Rapport Reward - Giant Hearts

Best NPCs To Get Giant Hearts:

  • Beatrice in Trixion

  • Sasha in Stern

  • Blue-Eyed Calvasus on Hypnotic Island

  • Nineveh on the Whispering Isletwhich has a recommended eye level of 960

Lost Ark Best Rapport NPCs & Rewards (4)

Giant Hearts can be shown to Minerva that giant heart exchanger on Wisdom Isle. In order to redeem various rewards as you collect them such as a stat potion that boosts all of your main stats, a wisdom potion which is a virtue stat that just helps with the conversation, 4 skill point potions for a total of 12 skill points, a vitality potion, a cute little transformation, some skill runes, a number of masterpieces and a couple of quest lines for some titles and estate items.


If you want to know where Wisdom Isle is your map has a really handy search function that makes it, so if you want to know where something is on the map all you need to know is its name.

Top 2 Rapport Reward - Omnium Stars

Best NPCs To Get Omnium Stars:

  • Nia inPunika

Lost Ark Best Rapport NPCs & Rewards (5)

Omnium stars are collected and then rewarded for at a vendor in Punikawhich you won't have access to until a little bit later in your sailing exploration, but seeing as rapport is a long-term investment, you will still want to start working on them as soon as you possibly can. The reward for collecting these includes another main stat increasing potion, two greater skill point potions for a total of 12 skill points, a more powerful mainstat potion, and also useful skill runes.

Top 3 Rapport Reward - Masterpieces

Best NPCs To Get Masterpieces:

  • Focus on the NPCsthe giant hearts that are already mentioned

  • As well as any of the NPCs in the Sailing Voyage category of the rapport menu that reward an island toke, as island tokens also result in you getting more masterpieces

Lost Ark Best Rapport NPCs & Rewards (6)

Masterpieces then are another collectible that you can gather rewards after finding, this time on Sunflower Island, you want to talk to Leonardo. The rewards that you get for masterpieces start off with some lower-tier card packs that won't do a whole lot for you, but then you get the island token which in itself is great you start to get rarer card packs which are nice and will start to add up as you get better ones, some estate items and then into some really meaty stashes of gold (Lost Ark gold is an incredibly important currency in the end game of Lost Ark, that will fuel into your later gear upgrades as well as be a part of any auction house transaction that you wish to take part in). If you collect all the gold chests in the reward list here, you will knit yourself somewhere in the vicinity of 30 000 which is quite a bit for anyone starting out, as well there are a couple of very good skill runes that you can acquire in this list too.

How Do You Get Rapport Gifts For NPCs?

Throughout your adventures in Lost Ark, your quest has probably awarded you Epic Rapport Selection Chests which actually give you a massive influx of rapport items. There are a lot of sources of rapport items but the initial ones you get from leveling doing all the storylines is huge because this is going to allow you to boost up a couple of NPCs out of the gate and get some massive account gains.

Lost Ark Best Rapport NPCs & Rewards (7)

How To Get Rapport Chests (Rapport Gifts To NPCs)?

Now it's awesome that you start off with all of these chests out of the get-go, but you are going to run dry on them eventually, so how do you get a consistent flow of rapport items?

Rapport comes from a different a bunch of different sources stronghold - merchants will sell rapport items, wandering merchants will sell rapports, you can also get rapport items out of Marie's shop.

Although a very consistent way of getting rapports, let's say stronghold merchants, wandering merchants, and the rapport merchant in every major city, rapports do realistically come from a ton of sources. So if you need to know where to get a specific rapport item from the best way to do that is how you just do everything else in the game - open up your Codex goes down to Gift and in this tab, it'll show you how to get every single rapport item in the game and all of its sources.

now for these epic ones, this might be a little less useful but for something like the relic tiers or even the legendary ones, this is huge because when you hand in rapport items and you level up your rapport with NPCs, there are going to be stat checks for all of your virtue stats which are the stats like charisma courage and that sort of thing that you see on your skin page on your character profile. It's important to find these legendary and relic tier rapportitems, the reason is because of the amount of rapport they give per item.

In order to be as effective as possible with each of these NPCs just have a chat with them, get to know them, literally walk up to them and they will tell you exactly what they want and what will work the best on them specifically. You are limited to five or six of each per day outside of gifts which you will acquire naturally but also can go out of your way to get more of daily if you feel so inclined to grind it, which means for most people this will be a minor part of your daily activities in Lost Ark, but once made a consistent part of your daily activities, it can grant you a lot of rewards that will help you succeed over time. Through this system, there is an incredible amount of gold, skill potions, stat potions to be found.

Lost Ark Best Rapport NPCs & Rewards (8)

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Which NPC best rapport Lost Ark? ›

Best Rapport NPCs in Lost Ark
  • Beatrice.
  • Nineveh.
  • Sasha.
  • Blue-Eyed Calvasus.
  • Ealyn.
  • Thirain.
  • Nia.
  • Mari.
18 Jun 2022

What is the fastest way to get rapport items in Ark lost? ›

Lost Ark: 8 Ways to Get Rapport Gifts
  1. 7 Adventurer's Tome. ...
  2. 6 Providence Stones. ...
  3. 5 Pirate Coin Exchange. ...
  4. 4 Atropos Island Exchange Vendors. ...
  5. 3 Wandering Merchants. ...
  6. 2 Stronghold Merchants. ...
  7. 1 Mari's Secret Shop.
6 May 2022

Who should I rapport first Lost Ark? ›

A great early game pick is Thirain in Luterra Castle.

Once you progress further on into Lost Ark, there are a selection of NPCs that stand out among the rest as priority picks. These are Sasha, Beatrice, Nineveh, and Blue-eyed Calvasus. The reason being is a shared reward they all provide: Giant's hearts.

What is the fastest way to max out rapport in Ark? ›

Rapport in Lost Ark can be increased in different ways: by giving gifts. by showing particular emotes. by playing songs.

Can you marry NPC in Lost Ark? ›

Originally posted by Roxx: It doesn't have anything like Final Fantasy XIV or even Skyrim's marriage system, no. There is a Rapport system where you can establish bonds with select NPCs, but it's probably not quite in the same vein of what you're looking for. they definitely need to add more social features..

What is the most OP class in Lost Ark? ›

Gunlancer. Gunlancers are the tankiest class in the game, and on top of that they can do amazing damage. The fact that they can support their team makes them incredibly versatile as well.

Where can I farm rapport items? ›

You get those from quests, killing elites/bosses, una task rewards, sudden tasks, and doing some quests. You can also purchase them from mari's shop with blue crystals, just convert the gold you get from dungeons and stuff and buy em every 5 ish hours, they, at least for me, are pretty common shop items.

Is it better to sell or dismantle in Lost Ark? ›

The answer is simple. You should always dismantle your old gear in Lost Ark. This applies to all players, whether you're just starting out in the game, or if you're already grinding through endgame content.

Can I buy rapport items Lost Ark? ›

Rapport Quests. They can be acquired from Selection Chests (bound to Roster) or bought. There are various selection chests, that can be won in the game.

When should you hit 50 in Lost Ark? ›

You'll hit level 50 long before the game's main story comes to a stop, but that doesn't mean you should give up on completing the main quest (designated by the blue globe icon). The main point you'll want to reach is Vern Castle.

Can you solo Everything Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark lets its players go solo and enjoy the adventure alone. This playstyle might be quite difficult especially if you're just starting out and don't know the mechanics of the game well.

Do Lost Ark story choices matter? ›

The short answer is that no, choices do not really matter. There are a couple of choices that do, but the majority of them have the same outcome no matter the choice. This is disappointing to people who were expecting Lost Ark to be a more RPG-like experience.

Will Ark ever remove tether distance? ›

While you can't delete the value for tether distance, you can set it manually. Therefore, you can set it incredibly high so that functionally no tether distance exists.

Can you remove tether distance ark? ›

You can use the ARK server manager to make it pretty easy, really. No tether there. You can change the distance in non dedicated settings screen. The slider goes to 3x but you can type a number in the box next to it to override.

What is the strongest Tameable dinosaur in Ark? ›

Rex is the most powerful of any dinosaur in Ark: Survival Evolved and is certainly worth the daunting task of taming it. Rex has a ridiculous amount of HP and a high melee attack stat, meaning that players will be able to use it as a tank in both PvE and PvP battles.

Who should I use Rapport items on Lost Ark? ›

Best NPCs to build Rapport with in Lost Ark

Beatrice, Blue-Eyed Calvasus, Nineveh, and Sasha are among the most important, but we've added some others below that will help you complete your Adventurer's Tome and earn some cash.

Is rapport important in Lost Ark? ›

There are many unique NPC's in Lost Ark with whom you can interact daily to learn about their story with the help of Rapport Quests. You can gift items, play songs or perform actions to advance their affection levels, receiving valuable items in the process.

Does male or female matter Lost Ark? ›

In short, no, you cannot change gender in Lost Ark. Each Advanced Class has a specified gender that you will have to play as. While customization options do allow for more androgynous characters to suit non-binary players, you will be assigned either the male or female gender.

What should I choose from chest Lost Ark? ›

Which Items to Choose in Rapport Chest in Lost Ark? Choose Fragrant Peach if you want to increase your Rapport with Beatrice. If you want to increase your rapport with Captain Cavery, pick Stalwart Cage. You can choose Stern Scrap Iron if you want to increase your Rapport with Sasha.


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