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Classes are a vital choice for players in Lost Ark. Featuring varied gameplay styles, they empower the player to explore the game and experience it in many different ways. Picking the right class for you is imperative as each Class has different Stats, Skillsand unique looks. Additionally, Classes offer a wide range of "Advanced Classes" (Subclasses), which are specialized versions of the original Class,concentrating on different aspects of it. This offers players a more focused version of each Class.

Lost Ark Classes Guide

What is the Best Class in Lost Ark?

There is no actual "best" class or Advanced Class in Lost Ark, but players will find that there are preferred classes for specific roles, and classes that are more difficult to master.

  1. Best Ranged DPS Classes: Deadeye, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter
  2. Best Melee DPS Classes: Berserker, Striker, Shadowhunter
  3. Best Support Classes: Bard,Paladin
  4. BestTankClasses: Gunlancer, Artillerist
  5. Best Beginner Classes: Berserker, Scrapper,Sorceress, Sharpshooter,Shadowhunter
  6. Best PvP Classes:Striker, Berserker,Sharpshooter

How many Classes are available in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark features 5 Main Class Archetypes that divide into many Advanced sub-classes. There are so far a total of 15 Classes to pick from in this MMORPG. Each Class features a unique set of abilities and gamestyle that sets it apart and provides flair to their combat and gameplay. Players can opt for different classes for the different roles of the game, based on their preferred activities and situations

There are more Classes available in other regions. In time, these other Classes will also be released into the western version of Lost Ark. Due to balance issues, upcoming changes to these Classes, and localization requirements, the decision was made to not include them in our version at launch but to add them post-launch. The naming conventions for some classes were also changed to match the intended effect.

Lost Ark offers 5 powerful base classes; Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin. Each class presents a distinct gameplay style, look, and role with their own strengths and weaknesses. From the dieselpunk deserts where the Gunslinger roams to the dark castles where Assassins lurk in the shadows, each Class brings a unique flavor and backstory to Lost Ark.

Are Lost Ark Classes Gender Locked?

All Classes are Gender-locked in Lost Ark. However, players can customize the look of their character with a variety of face and hairstyle options. There are also a myriad of in-game customizations via the equipment and skins systems.

Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (1) Warrior Classes

Warriors are the powerhouses of Arkesia. They may not be the most nimble, so they stand their ground and make up for mobility with cataclysmic impact. The Warrior Class is recommended for those that likehigh durability, over mobility. This can be particularly good if you have a bad connection or high ping, which might make timely dodging more challenging.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (3)

Berserkers are always powerful warriors, with their high-damage greatsword attacks and potent defense, but when they enter their burst mode, they're all but unstoppable.In this heightened state, they gain increased attack and movement speed and unlock a special skill that delivers a world of hurt to their enemies.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (5)

Paladins have a direct line to the powers of the gods, channeling their ancient might into potent offensive and defensive moves alike: They can use holy skills and buffs with the holy book to support their team from behind, or wield a sword and bring punishing skills to bear on the frontline.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (7)

As the first line of defense, gunlancers take the brunt of enemy attacks with their defensive stance and battlefield shield to keep the rest of their party safe. While their gun lance is a formidable weapon, their true value derives from their ability to protect allies and absorb damage like a sponge.

Mage Classes

The Mage Classes are recommended for those that like having ranged attacks and damaging abilities, as well as for those that like supporting their party. Choose Sorceress if you want AoE damage, and Bard if you'd like to heal and buff your party.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (10)

Despite their delicate constitution, summoners are a force to be reckoned with in any fight. They call forth spirits of the elements to fight for them, and each elemental has their own special skills to help the summoner shine in every situation.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (12)

Virtuosos of the Liane harp, bards can evoke soothing serenades to heal their team—or unleash a chorus of pain on their unfortunate foes. Their attack power is rather low, but their ability to support allies makes them a harmonious part of any team.

Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (13)Assassin Classes

Assassins have high mobility and damage, but they are somewhat squishy and susceptible to taking higher damage. Select this Class if you have good reflexes or you like to be able to move and attack more quickly than other Classes.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (15)

Shadowhunters prefer to beat the demons at their own game—they can shapeshift into powerful demonic forms to unleash chaotic power. When their inner demon is unleashed, shadowhunters get access to incredibly destructive powers and increased health and movement speed.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (17)

Deathbladeis an assassin class that uses a total of three swords that they wield alongside the power of chaos to swiftly slash their foes. The fast-paced combo attacks from the light dualswords and longsword overpower enemies, leading to death by a thousand cuts.

Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (18)Martial Artist Classes

Martial Artist Classes use fist weapons to deal damage in rapid combo attacks, which are often flashy and fun to watch. If you are someone that prioritizes mobility and combos, and not one big devastating attack.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (20)

Striker is a martial arts class that attacks enemies like a strong wind. Since he is equipped with a variety of physical skills with fast movement, he displays splendid aerial combos after hitting enemies quickly, and uses powerful elemental skills to turn the battle.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (22)

Not merely masters of martial arts, wardancers augment their lightning-quick fighting skills with elemental power. They can store up elemental energy to unleash in devastating attacks and gravity-defying maneuvers.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (24)

Armed with a heavy gauntlet, scrappers draw on two inverse forms of attack energy that feed off each other to deliver nonstop destruction. With excellent attack, defense, mobility, and lasting power, they're well balanced enough to throw enemies off their guard.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (26)

The Soulfist switches between melee and ranged attacks, which can be used together for explosively powerful combos. They channel a special energy called Adamance, which they can imbue into abilities or use to sustain themselves through fights.

Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (27)Gunner Classes

Gunners are the go to ranged Class in Lost Ark and should be chosen by those that like to play this way. However, many of the Advanced Gunner Classes can deal excellent damage in melee range, even if they are using firearms.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (29)

With a gun for every occasion and the ability to switch between them quickly, gunslingers are deadly opponents at any range. Light on their feet thanks to their catlike reflexes, gunslingers are hard to pin down—and quick to unload a flurry of shots on any unwary foe.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (31)

Artillerists believe in firepower and lots of it, blasting their enemies with some of the biggest guns under the sun. They may not be the most mobile fighters, but they make up for their lack of agility with huge mechanical launchers and other hard-hitting weapons, heavy armor, and incredible destructive force.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (33)

With their flexible triple-wielding playstyle and brash attitude, you might mistakenly suppose that this rough-and-tumble rogue has a death wish. They do, but don't worry—it's just for their opponents. They can choose the most effective weapon from an arsenal that includes a double handgun, shotgun, and rifle.


Classes | Lost Ark Wiki (35)

Sharpshooters are ranged attackers who use mechanical bows with special arrows that have custom effects. Their high survivability and agility keep them in the fight for the long haul, and their stealthy machinations are excellent for exploiting enemy weaknesses.

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