10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (2022)

By Emedo Ashibeze Destiny

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A user-friendly manga site contributes to a pleasant reading experience. Here are some of the best legal sites that provide such an experience.

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (1)

Manga popularity has skyrocketed over the years due to the large viewership anime garners worldwide. Fans' reasons for reading manga or manhwa range from discovering the complete storyline for an anime with slow releases to discovering the original art style and plot presented by a mangaka. For light novel readers, it can be the perfect opportunity to see their favorite characters depicted in a stylish manner, satisfying their curiosity.

As an anime fan, at some point, you may have read ad-filled scanlations; fan-translated manga that are shared on different online platforms, which are questionable in terms of legality. Pursuing these options may be a ‘cheaper’ option for you, but it undermines the content furnished by manga artists. So, if you want to contribute greatly to the anime franchise you love, there are legal, awesome sites, some of which are free to read manga or other related comic types like manhwa or manhua.

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10 J-Novel Club

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (2)
  • Pricing: $4.50 Monthly & Pay-Per-Purchase.
  • Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life, Action, Romance, Isekai, Comedy & others.

Among this list of manga-oriented websites, J-Novel Club stands out in terms of uniqueness since the online site features both manga and light novels for fans. Using J-Novel Club, readers can subscribe to follow their favorite series as soon as they are posted on a weekly basis. Also, J-novel Club isn't restricted regarding genre options, so you can read any manga type you prefer ranging from action-based ones to slice-of-life-oriented reads.

As a non-member, you can read Part 1 of the stories on J-Novel Club to get a feel for the site and its quirks. However, to access the J-Novel store fully, they run a fixed subscription price monthly, which gives you access to their manga and light novels.

9 Coolmic

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (3)
  • Pricing: $0.50 - $2.00 Per Chapter.
  • Genre: Shoujo, Shonen, Seinen, & Romance.

Coolmic is another quality manga website with minimal restrictions that allow only mobile-based browsers to access the site. In August 2020, the website partnered with Kodansha USA Publishing for the company to transfer their comics to the site, allowing readers to feast their eyes on more content within the website. Looking past Coolcomic’s browser restriction, the site has interesting content to offer.

On Coolcmic, you can access the first chapter of your favorite manga freely. Readers can access other chapters using four to seven tickets. On Coolmic, readers can go through both romance-based titles, and mature seinen reads.

8 Bookwalker

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (4)
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  • Pricing: $1-$8 Per Purchase.
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Seinen, Supernatural & others.

Bookwalker is the official online bookstore for the famous animation studio Kadokawa. The store can be accessed through its website or app, depending on your preference. Readers can check out both light novels and manga series on the site, making it the go-to online platform for printed works in the anime community.

The website design is categorized in such a way that readers can easily determine new releases, award-winning series, and manga that are headed toward the anime franchise. Further, Bookwalker is accessible using any social media-oriented device, such as Android-based devices or MAC gadgets.

7 Manga Plus

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (5)
  • Pricing: Free.
  • Main Series: One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, Haikyuu, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, among others.

Most anime fans have probably heard of the Japanese Publishing company, Shueisha. Regardless, you can check out the company site for manga: Manga Plus. Manga Plus is a great online site to read manga since it publishes titles produced by Shonen Jump and North American manga.

Manga Plus has an attractive, easy-to-use user interface, so there’s no doubt that you will have issues maneuvering the site offerings on your first attempt. Readers can access Manga Plus using any solid browser on an IOS and Android devices. Manga Plus greatest feature is that despite the absence of ads and site glitches, the site is completely free for fans to access.

6 ComicWalker

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (6)
  • Pricing: Free.
  • Genre: Action battle, Fantasy, Parallel World, High School, Comedy & others.

If Kadokawa’s Bookwalker is not to your liking, you can check out their free online website, ComicWalker, or a different experience. One of the site’s interesting features is that it allows readers to go through various manga ranging from action-packed titles to comedy in both English and Japanese. The online site can also be accessed through any goof browser on IOS devices or Windows products.

ComicWalker site is easily-maneuverable, so manga fans can easily find their favorite stories and settle down to read. The site also has another pretty useful feature depicted as Calendar, which allows readers on the sites to know the release dates for their favorite manga titles.

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5 Tapas

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (7)
  • Pricing: $50 For 600 Episodes.
  • Main Series: The Beginning After The End, Adonis, Magical Boy, Perfect Blend & others.

Tapas features manhwa, Korean-based comics, a sub-genre under the manga franchise. The site also has different web novels to check out. Even though Tapas has a solid website, the app is a better tool to fully experience what the company offers. Tapas allows readers to check manhwa or novels they are interested in up to a certain point, usually six chapters.

After going through the free chapters, readers can unlock new episodes using inks, points, coins, and free episode tickets. However, there are also series under the 'Premium' umbrella, which you have to purchase. On the site, you can read different genres of manhwa, such as action, comedy, adventure, reincarnation, and more. Classic stories you can check out are The Beginning After The End, Second Life Ranker, and Bastard.

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (8)
  • Pricing: $2.99 Monthly.
  • Top Series: The Legend of Zelda, One-Punch Man, One Piece & Dragon Ball

Viz Media is a leading publisher of hit manga series, and most seasoned manga readers are acquainted with the site. If you aren't, it is a good place to start cultivating a manga reading culture. Viz manga site holds a vast catalog of manga titles, spanning over 4000 titles. Some popular manga from Shonen Jump are also published on the site, proving the platform's popularity.

Interestingly, Viz Media offers free selected chapters and previews of new manga releases, allowing curious readers to have an idea of a story's content. On the Viz manga site, titles you can read range from new releases to classic reads like One Piece, Naruto & OnePunch-Man.

3 Webtoon

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (9)
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  • Pricing: Pay-Per-Chapter (500 coins for $49.99)
  • Main Series: unOrdinary, God of High School, Tower of God, Lookism & others.

Webtoon deserves a spot on this list since it is one of the most popular websites for manhwa-based stories. Popular reads like The God of High School, Tower of God, and unOrdinary are closely associated with this site. Webtoon presents an online library holding different manhwa, ranging from adventure-based series to horror stories.

Like Tapas, Webtoon employs the "one free episode a day" process, which readers can ignore by purchasing more episodes using a payment entity “coins.” Readers can buy 10 coins for $0.99 and 100 for $9.99. If this site isn’t satisfactory, the Webtoon app, notable for its offline usage and easier navigation, is another great option.

2 Shonen Jump

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (10)
  • Pricing: $1.99 Monthly Subscription & Pay-Per-Volume.
  • Main Series: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, One-Punch Man, One Piece & others.

The Shonen Jump is an excellent site to read manga of different genres. The Shonen Jump weekly is arguably one of the biggest manga communities in Japan. If most Shonen Jump releases are your favorites, give the site a try; it's worth it. With a monthly subscription fee of $1.99, readers can access 100 chapters on a daily basis. Shonen Jump can be navigated using browsers on IOS and Android-based platforms.

Despite the site’s vast library, containing over 10,000 chapters, it is restricted to only Shonen Jump Series, such as My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, etc.

1 Crunchyroll

10 Best Sites To Read Manga Online (& What You Can Read) (11)
  • Pricing: $7.99 Monthly.
  • Genre: Action, Psychological, Slice of Life, Comedy. Adventure, Shounen & others.

Crunchyroll is reputed as an authority in the anime franchise, and their range of influence also spreads to the manga community. The site uploads manga titles immediately after they are publicized in Japan. On Crunchyroll, you can discover a collection of different manga hailing from renowned publishers like Kodansha, Seven Seas Entertainment & more.

Readers can find popular manga like Attack on Titan, Naruto, Fairytail, and less popular titles on the site. Crunchyroll is quite pricey; however, readers can try the 14-day free trial option to access manga for free within that timeframe to discover if Crunchyroll is worth the payment.

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